Honley Male Voice Choir general committee meeting 19th February 2018 Minutes

Present. R Wild [Chair], G Smith, M Bray, C Roberts, P Kirkpatrick, M Lewis, C Davies.

1. Apologies S Roberts, R Wade, M Jose, J Shaw, P Wood.

2. The minutes of the last meeting 19th January 2018 had been distributed to all prior to the meeting.

3. Matters arising.

4. Correspondence.

5. Finance

6. Music Directors report.

7. Concert Secretary’s report.

  1. Whether we should have a band again; agreed we would.

  2. Whether we should have Carlton Main Frickley Colliery Band again on the same terms as Christmas 2017; agree we would. GS to write with a formal request.

  3. Whether we would charge the same ticket prices; agreed we would.

8. Marketing and publicity.

9. Recruitment.

10. Choir website.

11. Friends group.

12 Any other business.

Meeting ended 2200 hrs. Date of next meeting 6th April 2018 1930 Honley Conservative Club.